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Ask me anything!

2013-02-26 10:47:41 by Larkatosa

Because bandwagon!

Ask me anything, anything at all.


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2013-07-26 17:38:32

Is this the Krusty Krab?


2013-06-22 14:38:44

Why do you pressure me so hard into asking you a question :(

Larkatosa responds:

Because you secretly want to know more about me! <3


2013-04-05 01:46:36

How can a man go eight days without sleep?

Larkatosa responds:

Penicorn gods doesn't need sleep!


2013-02-28 20:21:29

What's your favourite color?

What's the longest you've spent on one drawing?

What's your favourite thing to doodle when waiting or sitting with a pen and paper?

Larkatosa responds:

My favourite colour to wear is green and my favourite colour to look at is reddish purple.
Seven hours, but that is mostly because I am slow.
Eyes and mouths.


2013-02-28 07:41:50

What would you say is the strongest weapon in your artist arsenal?

Larkatosa responds:

If you mean drawing tools I would say my Tablet and Acrylic paint. If you mean what I think I am best at with drawing, I would probably say shapes.


2013-02-26 14:47:00

Cat or Dog? Star Wars or Star Trek? What is your favourite movie?

Larkatosa responds:

Cat, Star Wars and they are way too many to choose just one.


2013-02-26 11:24:50

What aspect of art do you find hardest to conquer?

Larkatosa responds:

Anatomy, without doubt.


2013-02-26 11:04:53

are you a handsomecat?

Larkatosa responds: